The International Journal of Economics and Development Policy
The International Journal of Economics and Development Policy (IJEDP)
P.M.B. 127, GOMBE

IJEDP Vision: To contribute to knowledge building through timely and professional publication of ideas discovered by application of scientific skills in the fields of Arts, Management and Social Sciences... IJEDP Mission: To provide a platform for the dissemination and promotion of original and scholarly papers on contemporary issues in the fields of Arts, Social and Management Sciences for the betterment of human societies.

Guide to Authors
Papers to be submitted for consideration and publication in The International Journal of Economics and Development Policy (IJEDP) are to follow the guidelines below:
  1. All manuscripts should be written in good English language;
  2. Articles should also focus on the contents and be original.
  3. Articles should appear in the following order:
    1. Title;
    2. Author(s) name and affiliation;
    3. Abstract;
    4. Key words;
    5. JEL classification code;
    6. Introduction;
    7. Literature review;
    8. Methodology;
    9. Results/Findings and Discussion;
    10. Conclusion and policy recommendations;
    11. References;
    12. Appendix/Appendices.
  4. Manuscripts must be typed using Times New Roman font type, with 12-point font size and 1.5-line Spacing;
  5. Abstract must not be more than 250 words and the entire write up must not exceed 13 pages, base on our type-setting, but for extra pages beyond 13, special charges will be applied. Also, key words should be 4-6 words;
  6. The journal adopts American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style;
  7. Manuscript may be sent back to the author(s) for corrections to be effected where necessary;
  8. There is no specific dateline for submission. Articles should be submitted any time of the year but would basically be published in June and December.

Click here to download the Article Template.